Truck Wrecks

Falls County Truck WreckRepresenting truck wreck victims across Texas

Accident reports often blame truck drivers for the collisions they cause.  The truth is usually much more complex and leads back to trucking company management. Their focus on profits means less attention to safety. Sketchy training for drivers and poor truck maintenance are just two of many factors that cause big rigs to be so dangerous. Other frequent causes of truck wrecks are driving over the allowed hours, driving under the influence and speeding.
Craig is a member of the AAJ Interstate Trucking Litigation Group, which combines the legal knowledge of the nation’s top trucking law firms.  His law firm also uses a team of truck wreck experts to track down the true causes of any collision.  Using forensic technology, experts can often retrace the events leading up to the crash.  Many trucks contain black box data that needs to be obtained and reviewed immediately before it is destroyed by the trucking company.  Sometimes data is intentionally destroyed, other times the data is simply overwritten by continued use of the vehicle.  This is why time is often on the side of the trucking company if the victims do not obtain experienced lawyers as soon as possible.  Our experts have uncovered bad brakes, shredded logs and other behavior that is critical to maximizing the value of these complicated cases.
Each year there are nearly 400,000 wrecks that involve a large truck 18-wheeler.  Some recent studies by the Texas Department of Public safety have shown that up to 25 percent of 18-wheelers on the road have safety problems severe enough that they should be placed out of service. In one recent Texas study, safety violations included poorly adjusted brakes, tire/wheel issues and running light malfunctions.  
More than 4,000 people are killed in these preventable truck wrecks every year.  Craig W. Brown, PC has successfully represented many people whose lives have been affected by these tragedies.  Craig has handled truck wrecks in many counties, from rural counties like Milam, Karnes and Falls County, to major metropolitan areas such as Houston in Harris County.  With more than 13 years of experience in these cases, he can assist you or your family through the complex legal process. If you would like more information, call or fill out the case information form for a no-charge case evaluation.